steel triangle profiles A36


Mild steel triangle steel bar,mild steel trapezoid steel bar,mild steel speical shape steel bar

Mild steel is carbon steel with a carbon content of less than 0.25 percent. It is called mild steel because of its low strength and hardness.It includes most ordinary carbon structural steels and some high quality carbon structural steels, most of which are used for engineering structural parts without heat treatment, some are used for mechanical parts requiring wear resistance through carburizing and other heat treatment

    our factory focus on small batch, special shape section steel bar, such as triangle, trapezoid, type L,pipeline guide, textile machinery pawl, can now produce nearly a hundred kinds of steel bars, a variety of special-shaped materials, high precision materials have been well received by users.Other products can control the molding accuracy within 0.05mm according to the drawing

we have Cold drawn trapezoid steel;Cold drawn Angle steel;Shaped cold-drawn steel;Cold drawn round steel;3-50 mm;Boiler discharge pin;Cold drawn hexagonal steel;Solid Angle steel;Supporting roller;Cold drawn flat steel;Cold drawn steel;Square pin, flat key;Alien: processed according to the drawing





 Factory Manufacture Process:

mild steel triangle steel bar

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stainless steel triangle steel bar



 3.Forged Machine



 4.Sawing Machine



 5.Steel Grinding



 6.Fished Steel Material