MMO coated anodize titanium anode plate for electrolysis
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MMO coated anodize titanium anode plate for electrolysis

We could supply all kinds of size Titanium Basket for electroplating industry. An electroplating Titanium basket including a Titanium lath , Titanium mesh plate,Titanium link.



                     Complete use of anodes material. Energy saving.

                      Superior electrical conductivity.


                      Not distortion.

                      Easy to assemble and disassemble of anodes.

                      Perfect control of proportion of anodes and cathodes.


                     Precious metal plating(Ag, Au, Rh, Pd)

                     Hard chrome plating(Cr6+): piston ring

                     Base metal plating(Cu, Zn, Ni)

Processing : Spot welding

Material :        Titanium Gr.1, Gr.2, or as your inquiry, etc.

Standard:       ASTM B381.ASTM B265


Specification of Titanium Basket


Titanium Thickness(mm)

Net Thickness(mm)

Hook Type

The length

of Hook



Titanium Basket














Horizontal Titanium Basket
















Notes for using titanium blue:


1, titanium blue mouth should be slightly higher than the liquid level, to prevent the outflow of anode slag.


2. The lower end of titanium blue shall be 100~150mm higher than the part, so as to avoid excessive concentration of the current in the lower part and cause burning.


3. Titanium blue should be in close contact with the anode; otherwise, the anode potential on the titanium basket will increase sharply, leading to the reaction of oxygen evolution and chlorine evolution on the surface of the titanium basket, leading to damage of titanium blue and oxidation of additives


4. In order to prevent the coating from burrs, an anode bag should be used outside the titanium basket. Since the bag is usually used for a long time and cannot be removed, the "double-layer bag" method is recommended.


5. The titanium basket shall be tightly wrapped in the anode bag, and a gap of several centimeters shall be left at the bottom of the bag to store the potential anode sludge.

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